Family Therapy – Benefits, Techniques, and Goals

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Family Therapy – Benefits, Techniques, and Goals

For most of us, family is our first support system. Why? Because we spend our whole life with them. So, it’s extremely vital to share a strong bond and understanding with them. And yet, we’re all humans. There’s bound to be a difference of opinion. If you think there won’t be, that’s just wishful thinking. This can lead to conflicts and family issues.

To cope, you need activities to clear your mind and skills to work towards mutual understanding.

To help, we offer family therapy. Through a series of session the therapist helps you identify the root cause of the conflict. At that point, you can begin learning techniques to effectively address the problem.

Does it all sound too complex for you? Don’t worry, that’s exactly why this blog is for.

We’ll tell you the Why, How, and What of marriage and family counseling. By the time you’ve reached the end of this blog, you’ll know where to go for top family therapy in Florida.

That’s a lot to look forward to, right?

Let’s jump right into it.


Expected Benefits of Family Therapy:

Primarily, people take family therapy sessions to improve their mental health by learning to improve communication with family members. Usually, family members meet together with a licensed mental health professional. The therapist’s role here is essential that of a  mediator between the family members.

Here are some of the common scenarios why people take family therapy:

  • Family member having substance abuse, and it’s affecting their relationships.
  • New faces around the house, and you’re having a hard time adjusting with them.
  • Loss of an immediate family member, resulting in a long-lasting trauma.
  • Conflict between parents, resulting in consistent fights and quarrels.
  • Cases of domestic violence.
  • Parents having difficulty coping with a child’s special needs.
  • Parents disagreeing on discipline.

It’s important to note that family therapy isn’t a one-fix-for-all. Before opting for marriage and family counseling, make sure you have the professionals with the right experience.

Having a domestic violence experienced individual dealing with your childhood trauma can be counterproductive.


Activities and Techniques of Marriage and Family Counseling:

When you and your family member(s) are in the room with your family therapist – it’s a dry run. Your counselor doesn’t know how to read minds, so they won’t know what you are thinking. That’s where they make use of various family therapy activities.

These techniques can allow them to identify the reason for the cold war between family members. Some of the common family therapy activities include:

  • Miracle Question:

Family members can find it hard to understand each other. This activity addresses that concern. Each member gets to share their heart’s desires and expectations from life.

The family members can know what you’re expecting, and the therapist understands the complication better. So, it’s a win-win for both.

  • Emotional Bell:

In a family conflict, there are a lot of unsaid things and unexpressed emotions. This is the perfect activity to let it all out.

The family members are seated in a circle and asked to write different emotions on an object (preferably a ball). Then, as the ball is tossed between members, they’re supposed to express the emotion in front of them.

  • Mirroring Activity:

Putting yourself in a family member’s shoes is one way to understand them better. That’s where this family therapy activity comes in handy.

Throughout the session, you’re supposed to mirror your family member without physical contact (else, tensions may boil over).

This activity will just enhance the understanding between family members.


What are The Ultimate Goals for People Taking Family Therapy?

Family therapy isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. But what can family members expect at the finish line?

Family members are looking for better understanding, openness, and transparency.

That’s the destination. To reach this stage, you can follow steps like:

  • Set proverbial boundaries to reduce micromanagement.
  • Practice empathy to increase understanding.
  • Take out regular time to sit with family and have honest conversations.


All this is possible after you’ve gone through an effective premarital counseling session. Else, with all the negativity between family members, it’ll be a ticking time bomb, ready to explode anytime.


The Final Word:

You only live once – why waste it in family conflicts?

Now that you know how helpful premarital counseling can be, wouldn’t you want an amazing experience of family therapy in Florida?

If so, your quest ends here as Central Florida Neuropsychology is the destination for you. We provide reliable family therapy by experienced mental health professionals to improve your interaction with your family.

We work with you to ensure that  you are psychologically equipped to establish a healthy environment at home.

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