Family Therapy & Consultation Services

To Assist Families At All Stages Of Transition, We Offer Family Therapy And Family Coaching Services.

This includes:

Premarital counseling

To insure the couple is a good fit and has fully discussed important issues that affect marital satisfaction and longevity – such as deciding where to live, coping with resistance from relatives, deciding how to handle finances, deciding who has authority in what areas. We discuss each partner's unique attributes and needs, the importance of leaving birth families behind and cleaving to each other, the importance of commitment to the marriage no matter what, learning to model your marriage after successful marriages, learning to evaluate their relationship regularly.

Family therapy

Is designed to help members of a family unit share their feelings, thoughts, and needs, and learn how to help each family member function as a valuable contributing member of the unit.

Divorce mediation

Helps couples who have decided to terminate their marriage co-parent in positive ways that promote their children’s mental and physical well-being.

Marriage counseling

To help couples learn how to resolve conflicts without hurting each other emotionally or physically, as well as helping couples learn how to communicate more effectively, and learning to respect each other’s unique attributes and priorities. We focus on valuing your partner and ensuring that each partner’s interests are heard and their needs met by reversing negative patterns of interaction, fostering forgiveness, developing positive attitudes, and rebuilding respect and love.

Blended Family therapy is geared towards helping families cope with the challenges of blending new family members into an existing family unit (is. Step parent or step-sibling). We address such issues as where to live, coping with resistance from children, implementing rules and discipline, deciding how the children will address step-parents, continuing relationships with friends and family members associated with past marriages, ongoing interactions with former spouses.

Parent Training

Assist parents in learning how to discipline and guide their children in view of their child’s unique needs, as well as, the values that you want your child to learn and the standards you want them to live by.

Relaxation Training

Here at the Central Florida Neuropsychology we offer relaxation therapy to decrease stress and anxiety to individuals with different mental states. It is employed in settings in addition to the individual's daily life. Relaxation is taught to increase the ability to deal with issues outside of the therapeutic session. When stress decreases, it allows the individual to come to a calm state of mind and brings them to refocus for the rest of the day. Relaxation therapy treats many situations involving stress and anxiety. It is a low risk skill set that be used outside of therapy to help individuals overcome stressful situations and return to a calm, focused state on their own