Biofeedback Therapy and How it Helps in Pain Management

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November 6, 2021
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November 6, 2021
Biofeedback Therapy and How it Helps in Pain Management

Biofeedback therapy is a treatment that connects your body with your mind. Patients are made aware of the state of their body, so they can work towards controlling it.

So, how can Biofeedback therapy improve the health of an individual? There are various equipment and processes to evaluate your biological activities. This is possible by using sensors and placing them on different parts of your body.

Some of the techniques for biofeedback therapy include:

  • Electromyograph – with sensors placed on your skeletal muscle, therapists assess the level of muscle contraction in your body.
  • Electrocardiograph – the sensors are placed on your chest to evaluate your varying heart rate.
  • Electrodermograph – This is to measure the amount of perspiration in your body by making you aware of the activity of your sweat glands.
  • Electroencephalograph – With sensors attached to the scalps of your head, your brainwaves are monitored.


And to emphasize on the efficiency of Biofeedback therapy, awareness is just one of its steps. It can also assist you in mitigating different types of pain.

So, what type of pain can Biofeedback therapy assist in countering? If you want an answer to that question, you’ve come to the right blog. Here are some of the conditions where Biofeedback therapy can play a significant role.


Muscle Tension:

When you’re static and don’t have much movement, your muscle function may stagnate. Since it happens internally, you may not notice it. You would just brush it off as laziness and a momentary thing. You’d only realize when the pain kicks in.

With Biofeedback therapy, you can be proactive instead of waiting for the pain to take effect. Your professional therapist can run the necessary process and pinpoint muscle stiffness. This can allow you to root the chances of stiffness aggravating and before your discomfort level rises.


Sleep Deprivation:

When you talk about your mind functioning at the level you want, it can become a loop. The fatigue inside your body can cause chronic pain, contributing to the lack of sleep, resulting in more mental fatigue.

Now, that was the situation, but what’s the solution? Biotherapy feedback.

Before you reach the stage of mental fatigue, Biotherapy feedback can make you aware of your psychological situation. Like knowing whether your hours of sleep are good enough or if it can lead to fatigue and stress.


False Perception:

The feeling of pleasure and pain is all in your mind. In a real story, there was an experiment conducted on a prisoner sentenced to death. He was blindfolded and strapped to a chair, being told that a snake would bite that person. In reality, they pricked him with 2 needles.

Almost instantly, that person died, and the substance generated in his blood has the same toxicity as a snake bite.

So, what was the takeaway from this occurrence? That just the fear of something can amplify its effects. When you avoid certain activities because you presume they Will cause pain, you’re just weakening your muscles and body strength. When you do try that activity, despite it not being as hard as you thought – you’ll face discomfort.

You can avoid such situations if you’re sure of your physical and psychological condition, rather than guessing. You can remove this uncertainty with Biofeedback therapy.


Mental Health:

If you have too many stressful and negative things on your mind, your mental health is weakened. In that state, your pain level can most likely grow higher than it should be.

To kill the chance of growing psychological stress, nip it off in its early stage with Biofeedback therapy. You can assess things like your brain activities and blood pressure.

The earlier you identify and take measures to reduce the negativity in your mind, the better your chances are of avoiding a weakened mental state.


Discover a Quality Biofeedback Therapy in Florida:

Having talked about the importance of Biofeedback therapy, you’ll have one question, “Where should I go for Biofeedback therapy in Florida?”

To answer the question, you need to look no further than Central Florida Neuropsychology. We have licensed professionals to deal with your psychological needs. Our top individuals are equipped with years of experience and skillset.

We contribute to improving your mental health progress.

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