Mental Health Services Florida For Seniors

Florida Mental Health Services For Seniors

Most medically necessary evaluations for seniors are covered by regular Medicare. We begin with a complete history, initial screenings, and an intake interview. After your concerns have been identified, Dr. Crum will explain what type of assessment will be most helpful in clarifying diagnoses and in treatment planning. Then a second session is scheduled for the evaluation and a third to review the results.

The health issues are directly linked to behaviors, which are more related to seniors, their emotions, and behavior are dependent on their mental health. At Central Florida Neuropsychology we offer different mental health services programs in Florida for seniors about their mental health, which may include anxiety, depression, impulsivity, self-harm, pain management Florida, or suicidal behavior.

Treatment Options:

Treatment for Memory Problems

Memory Therapy For Seniors & Memory Training for Elderly

For those experiencing memory problems we are able to offer memory training using cognitive remediation techniques. Both in-office and home treatment options are available and the Dr. will help you decide which is best for you.

We offer memory therapy sessions and memory training for the elderly that are based on Non-Pharmacological memory treatment for elderly programs in Florida. This is one of the best programs in Sebring Florida

Pain Management Florida For Seniors

Often as we grow older we experience pain from a variety of sources, Typically, short term pain issues can be effectively addressed pharmacologically. Chronic pain, however, is more difficult to manage with medication due to side effects and medication interactions. In such cases, we can help you with non-pharmacological pain management. In cases of severe pain, we can help your physician assess whether or not you are a candidate for such interventions as a surgical implant of a pain pump.

We offer one of the best programs of nonpharmacological pain management for the elderly. Pain management for elderly patients is done by experienced doctors at our facility. We have multiple pain management programs for all people of Florida, especially for those living near Sebrings. Pain Management Florida program is run by the best pain management doctors. /p>

Treatment For Stress-Related Illness

Many medical conditions that seniors struggle with can be caused or exacerbated by stress. For instance, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, headache, Raynaud's Disease, shortness of breath, diabetes, and many more conditions respond well to non-pharmacological treatments because these are stress-related disorders. In cases, where your medication has not managed these conditions fully, or you are concerned about medication side effects or interactions, we have a range of non-pharmacological treatment methods including various forms of biofeedback. These interventions are noninvasive, pain-free, and effective.

Treatment For Depression And Anxiety

Often we manage to cope with depression and anxiety throughout life on our own. As we age, however, this becomes more challenging and assistance may be needed. In this case, we use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation, and stress management training to help you obtain relief. Significantly, the tools we teach you are tools you can use anytime and anyplace so they equip you to cope on your own after discharge from treatment.