Frequently Asked Questions

We accept most insurances, but, it depends upon your particular plan. If you will give me the insurer, the membership number and the name and date of the member, we will be able to check your benefits.
Fees vary for different services. Generally, you have only your deductible and copayment to pay unless you opt for a specialty service not covered by your insurance.  In all cases you are advised in advance of charges.
Yes, we do psychological evaluations, competency, sanity and parenting evaluations.  Court evaluations are all at your expense as insurances will not cover them. The rate per hour is $300 per hour and a $1500.00 retainer is required upfront.
We offer psychoeducational, psychological, neuropsychological, quantitative, EEG, and medication evaluations.    The cost for each depends on your particular needs and your out-of-pocket expense depends on your insurance benefits.
Both are covered by many insurances, but, generally, preauthorization is required, and to obtain that we must first do an intake, and sometimes an evaluation.  If you wish, these services are available self-pay at the rate of $100.00 per session.
Sessions length varies depending upon the type of service.  The initial intake requires 3 hours.  Most sessions after that are 45-50 minutes.  Though we do offer free relaxation sessions which require another ½ hour if you opt to take advance of it.
Yes, we have liaisons and providers who are fluent in Spanish.  For psychotherapy, it is Dr. Yamaris Bobe, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist. For attention, cognitive, and social skills training it is Aisha Gonzalez, Behavioral Health Technician.
We emphasize nonpharmacological interventions such as psychotherapy, EMDR, TMSr,  biofeedback, neurofeedback, play therapy, art therapy, attention training, and social skills training. But, for those who need medication management, we do coordinate with your primary care physician.
We offer face-to-face sessions in our building which has UV protection, and where we disinfect regularly, have sneeze guards, masks and screen each patient before entering the building.  We also offer online therapy through our HIPPA secure sight, Carepaths.  Or, face to face teletherapy through Doximity which is also Hippa Compliant. We also offer HIPPA compliant telephone therapy.
We adults, adolescents, and children Monday through Friday 8 are till 6 pm.  We also offer a few appointments between 5 pm and 7 pm for children.  Groups for Tai Chi, Veterans, and Parenting are offered throughout the year on Saturday mornings.
Your insurance may not require a physician referral. But, we do require one so we know your physician is aware that you are seeking help for a mental illness. We will also have you sign a consent so we may obtain your medical records and update your provider periodically.
You do have this option if you are a self-pay client seeking coaching or counseling rather than treatment for serious mental illness.
  1. We treat traditional psychological problems such as anxiety and depressive disorders.
  2. We also treat problems with cognition including attention problems, memory problems, TBI’s, strokes, ADHD, and dementia.
  3. And we treat physical disorders that are aggravated or caused by stress – such as palpitations, IBS, hypertension, cold hands, and feet, headaches.
  1. Under HIPPA we only release your records with your written consent unless there is reason to believe you will seriously harm yourself or someone else.
  2. But, if you use your insurer, your insurer can request your records at any time.
  3. If you are involved in a legal case (i.e divorce) the court may subpoena your records if you use your insurance and make it known you are seeking help. For complete confidentiality we recommend that you elect self-pay coaching.
  • Dr. Crum is our clinical director and neuropsychologist
  • Dr. Bobe is our adult psychologist. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • DR. Pathak is joining us in July and will be our adult psychiatrist specializing in TMS mapping
  • Ms. Tish is a Master’s Level Licensed Mental Health Counselor Intern specializing in adolescents and substance abuse
  • Ms. Alexander. MS is our art therapy facilitator
  • Mr. Nutter and Ms. Gonzalez are our biofeedback and neurofeedback technicians
  • Mr. Bryan Robbins, B.S., is our psychometrician
  • Ms. Reff and    Pruitt are  our relaxation trainer who provides chair massage, transcranial electrotherapy, and infrared light therapy all free of charge
Our check-in technician  will greet you each session to check you in, conduct your covid screening and collect your copayment
Ms. Strouss will do your initial screenings and histories and will be the person who sees you at check out to confirm your next appointment and provide your homework.
  • It is important for the continuity of your care and to foster progress that you attend regularly.
  • Your sessions are reserved exclusively for you, and as we do not double book, we do require 48 hours’ advance notice of cancellation or reschedule.
  • If a transportation problem or other issue arises you may keep your appointment by phone, teletherapy, or online therapy. Otherwise, you will be charged a $150 cancellation fee for cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Our check-in technician will collect your deductible and copayment each session, so you will only owe a balance if your insurance denies or does not cover a service. In this case, you will receive a statement and will be expected to make the payment at that time.  You may pay by credit card, check, or cash.

Yes, we do, just bring the card and we run it just like a credit card.
Call us. I will most likely be able to help you.  If not, I will document the issue and follow up with your provider at the end of the workday, then I will get back to you either by phone or email, per your preference.
Our biller is Nadine Rutigliano.  Please tell me your question and I will forward it to her. She will contact you directly if she needs more details or when she has an answer for you.
We will work with you to schedule this as soon as feasible. But, we are full of patients and will need to find a time for you to meet with your provider to complete the form.  The fee will be $150.00 if the form can be completed within one session.  You are responsible for this fee because it cannot be billed to your insurer.  The provider requires your presence to ensure that you are aware of and comfortable with all the information in the form.
We offer cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavior therapy, positive psychotherapy, play therapy, social skills training, art therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Training, neurofeedback and biofeedback, life coaching, attention training, anger management, impulse control training, and if appropriate medication coordination, TMS for Depression.

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